here's daily wire app which is which is quite on top in the charts especially on news category and this is the news app for the right twin conservative community and here you can just read all of this news with this angle so this is how the app looks like it's free app to download it's not paid and then here you can find all these shows again it's it from the right wing community uh you can just browse it here there is also website dailywire.com but it's just easier to to to go through through the app so for example there are all these trending topics and you can go through for example uh okay here are the topic related to Elon Musk uh and all of this uh all of this you can see all of the news foreign and then if you want to continue reading there is some specific readers pass so there are some kind of subscription levels so not all articles are free um so you can go to to shopping basket and then you will be redirected and then yeah you can try to upgrade so yeah you can tap on jira icon in top right and tap here you can see readers pass inside there inside their annual or All Access so that's where you can subscribe you can't make adjustment to your account within the app and probably you can only subscribe here within within their website so it's not on the App Store so that's how this app is developed then you can edit your username you can change your profile picture or you can add some badges or stuff like that uh uh so that's what you can do here I don't know what what the badges are and what they symbolize but anyhow then there are multiple multiple tabs there are news there are podcasts uh you can see all the all the shows in the in the conservative Spectrum then there are like watch it's kind of like YouTube and then there are discussions so uh you can see you can see the discussions and commentary around specific topics but you need to have specific subscription again it should be like all access subscription or something and then uh yeah you you can go to the website this file from here and check out the website itself but yeah it's just easier to scroll to scroll in the in the app so that's how the app looks like I think it was just recently updated and you can go through so here is the app it's uh this is how you can find it you can see 10 000 plus ratings which is already it's a lot you can see 4.8 out of five average rating there are also iPhone iPad Apple TV apps and then we can just go through reviews but bad app I love the old content app needs a lot of work the aui is fine but for some reason this is the only app I can't listen to a podcast and try run without the buffering very annoying driving for four or five minutes listening to nothing two or three minutes in a drive so yeah podcasting section is not working that good in this app but you can get podcasts in all other networks uh so the people say that the reviews are already one year old but they maybe still make sense uh still there are many problems this daily wire app uh uh especially again with the podcasts so let's just yeah for you for your help we can just see most recent reviews create app so I think this app was just recently updated and it become became a bit better but still there are issues subscription processes is bad on the website you need to do it on the website five stars for Content but the get app is not working loading screens are horrible and isn't user friendly um can't subscribe so there are still so many issues with the app so that's at which state it is now so yep hope I hope it is helpful and yep thank you for watching

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