hey everyone so here is Advanced overview of damus app uh where I'll try to cover some of the features uh and and how to use it like in a bit more technical approach a bit deeper so you can kind of understand what this app is about like these days it was just released and it's already in the top charts in social networking why is that so damos is considered as one of uh possible alternatives to Twitter but why this app is going so high in the charts because of new technology new technical Insight so it's not just like a copy paste or Twitter and it's just another logo another app icon and there you have it it's in the top charts nope so it's kind of decentralized Twitter and it's I would say it's the next step of the centralization after Mastodon so of course a lot of people now migrate into mastodon but damos is the next step damos is basically just like a web client a front-end client for the Noster protocol which is the back end of this client and yeah so Noster protocol is like a yeah decentralized a collection of relays or realized bicycle servers which can basically accept uh messages like just text Snippets um it's if you just explain it in the in the very simple terms you can always go just to the GitHub pages and you can see that Noster is a simple open protocol that is able to create censorship resistant global social network uh so it doesn't rely on any Central server like Twitter does it just based on cryptographic Keys it doesn't rely on P2P techniques so it's like uh to publish something you write a post sign it with your key and send it to multiple relays which are servers hosted by someone else yourself to get updates from other people you ask multiple realizers they know anything about these other people anyone can run a relay release very simple damn it does nothing besides accepting posts from some people and forwarding to others relax doesn't have to be trusted signatures are verified on client side so what damos does is just basically you know like a web client which verifies signatures and damos is not the only app you can see there are a bunch of those like diamonds Noster more speech nosteroid nostrils they all have pluses and minuses but damus is one of the most popular ones is one of the most advanced ones and it was just accepted in the App Store after a long story uh yeah it wasn't accepted easily it took like three attempts to get there but now it's here and you can just go and download this app and an account and start using it so it kind of looks like Twitter feed it's very simplified uh you can just uh post messages like this and then yeah they will just appear in your feed it's not possible to it's possible to add pictures uh but uh yeah it's it's a bit more complicated and Technical so the plus thing of it is that it's decentralized but the minus is that it's very minimalistic and uh yeah but anyhow this is the app you can also just go to GitHub and then um yeah you can find more relays and servers in your settings tab uh just by typing Plus and then you will find public and secret key uh public key is your personal address how people can find and tag you so let's just do it so here's my demos app I can go to settings here's my public account ID so this is just basically my username but in this code if I then go and search like this then I can just go to profile and whereas this is my profile this is just like a encrypted uh maybe not it's just like a code based username um then there is secret account login key uh that's just basically my login similar as you can log into matamask or something like that but it's just uh not being shown here uh then there is like a a wallet selector which you can enable here um so by default you can just say default wallet a Bitcoin wallet then there are translations and all of that but if you want to go to realize realize are here and relays are basically all these servers similar to Mastodon like there are a lot of these servers but here's a just much more simplistic and much more dumb yeah it's just red this is just like Noster relays um like instances and yeah you can just add relay like this or you can see recommended through lights as I understand your commanders relies as servers who are uh like users you follow are also hanging out so you can just add them and then you can just discover more and more users uh so your personal feed is a field from everyone you follow you can post notes by typing the blue plus icon uh so yeah we can just try to post something uh just tap pause here and then you you can just write something like that and then it just appears here uh for for the moment like my my app was a bit buggy but now it seems it's just better and yeah and then you can just you know you can uh you can like you can share that message uh you can retweet you can comment and do all the stuff which you're doing with regular Twitter accounts yes you can see it's still a bit slow like probably there is like there are so many users right now trying this out but yeah there you have it um so then you can just tag tag the user um uh and then you can just tag someone so as described here so for example I can just copy this example and then I can just go here and then I can just do this and yeah this will tag a user uh you can't delete your notes in IOS app so as you can see I was trying to do that and it's it's not possible you can share images but you need to get the URL from Imgur image BB so some external hosting it's not possible to host images in this app uh you can reply reports like you can format notes so you can add italics bold you can add strikes through so just follow these guys here you can also engage in participating encrypted chat um so here is the chat and then you can see message requests and DMS so you can just message people then there is global feed uh view the global feed from all that relies you added in settings you can only search hashtags and usernames and pop keys you can change your notifications and then yeah you can then just update your username update your profile picture so for example if I go to my profile I can tap edit and here I can change my username and again to change profile picture you need to use Imgur or you need to use some other service upload your pictures there copy the URL and then just pass it here you can add website you can add about you then you can add your lightning address like Bitcoin address nip or file verification honestly I don't know what that is so uh yeah probably that's how you get verified on this app and some users can do that but I just don't know how to do it yet sorry guys and then if when you made all these changes you can just tap save uh you can also request sets create your albeit address so yeah on demo swap so that's how you can add requests sets requires such button like I would show what that means so basically if you go to some more advanced profiles now it's not here but here you can see that this profile is verified but yeah for example if you go to this profile you see this lightning icon here yes and as I understand if you just go there then uh yeah you will be able to or if you go here that's how you add the lightning invoice so that's another feature which you can do and it is just described there in this uh GitHub document so that's what you can do uh so yeah there you have it uh translators welcome so yeah you that's basically the idea of the app uh you can see all the contributors here super interesting project and that things you should know um you can follow unfollow people you can go to someone you can see how many uh people they are following how many followers they have how many relays they created and then you can see someone's someone's relies which this user is uh in this is basically other servers and that's basically why this app is so censorship resistant because if someone bans you on one server you still participate in other servers and you keep your followers and then it's in definite like there are always constant new servers and then you just take your followers with you and you just go through all the servers again and again if you even if you're being banned or removed on all of them that's just like uh how I understand it this works you can always share report a block but then if you block you will just block them on this relay so anyhow I'm also exploring like this app just trying to figure out like what what is this about um seems like a super interesting Trend and then yeah this is how it looks like you can also see your QR code this is basically I think your I guess my public key yes it's my public account ID how you can follow me you can sign out you can delete account you can see blocked users and yeah so that's basically the idea of the app um hope this is helpful um and that's just an overview for you to understand better uh how what this app is about and uh why it's it's actually super interesting and for example if you go to Noster client here uh on GitHub you can also read it by yourself you can see that there are a lot of runs things actually happening with Twitter even it was Mastered on Mastodon still doesn't solve the problems with Banning and like user identities are attached to domain names controlled by Third parties um and a lot of this other decentralized social apps require everybody to run their own servers people still can be centered in this because domain names can be centered and Noster just based on clients and relies its users runs a client anyone can run a relay and then rely can block user from publishing anything there but that has no effect on them as they can still publish to other relays since users are identified by a public keys they don't lose their identity and their follower by when they get banned um censorship resistance fan resistance for the network to stay healthy there is no need for hundreds of active relays in fact it can work just fine with a handful uh so yeah there are for the amount of data storage required in general is relatively less than massive on similar software um um so yeah there you have it this is like an interesting new development new technology so definitely go out of the app and uh try to create your account and try to play with it

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