Damus app - quick overview & how to use

see quick overview of damo's app this this app is going quite viral and yeah you can see it's followed by Jack Darcy Jack Darcy's is posting that he has like a uh screenshots of this app on his phone uh so yeah um like what is it so it's basically um decentralized social network built on a Noster open protocol uh yeah first of all you need to just have a quick idea what is what is Noster protocol so nostro you can go to usernuster.org uh it's like a open protocol that allows building truly tensorship persistent and decentralized social media platforms protocol is based on realized through license service that can be operated by anyone uh so yeah here just you don't need to register for any account you just uh need a set of keys public key and private key so public key is kind of like your username private key is your password so you need to keep that secure but which uh like how does it relate to to this app uh to damos so damos is basically like a client for for Noster um so think of it is like a uh yeah so you can see some other kinds like Oracle astral Brunel Alpha AMA nostrils and many more um yeah so you can see those um like this is kind of like damos is kind of like a front end and Noster is kind of like a backhand of this new social media app um so yeah let's just go into the app itself so now you have a better understanding the app is not yet a variable in the Google Play store or iOS store it's only available in the test flight so you can just go through the test flight and just get that app he has our Twitter so this here's how it looks like you can see posts uh it's very limited it's very basic you can post something here there is no mentioning there is no images videos anything you can use hashtags though uh so something like that uh there are some encrypted DMS you can you can search for people there are some notifications and then there are some settings um and here you can see all the relays if you want to add relay just just add it here uh which are basically servers and then you have your public account ID and then you have your secret account login key um and then you can just log out so uh there you have it then you have your account the top left you can edit it you can change your name edit profile picture uh website and all of the details and then you will see how many people you are following uh you can see number of followers uh people who are following you [Music] um yeah so try it out definitely you can search for some users here uh it's very nice time actually to reserve your first first name username on this app uh and you will just help also the developers to provide in all this features uh uh yeah super interesting Niche this is like maybe it's actually the future of social media but there you have it

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