DARK MODE will be soon in Dream by Wombo app

i'm just going here through the dream by wumbo app discord yes so i like this app so i just joined their discord to hang out with community and a lot of people are asking that is there a dark mode that would be really really cool and there is just today a notification from their developer team that actually yes dark mode should be coming here uh in rece in coming future so this is just the message from today when this video is posted so yeah soon uh it's one it's in the road map so at least we can confirm that so yep if if you just want to go there is like a dream by one boy up here and then yeah you can just go uh like to the settings at the moment there is no dark mode yeah some people might say that dark mode is actually pretty easy to develop and implement in the app but in fact i think it can be not that easy so but yeah uh it should be there i don't know maybe the priorities will be iphone ios app um this dream by one bar application is also available on the web but yeah there you have it

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