Dasher Direct by PayFare overview

so here is dasher direct app by pyfar so basically there you have it let's just install it and see how that might work dasher direct it pays get paid every every dash your instant no fee direct deposits earn cashback rewards uh access thousands of no fee atms take bank banking everywhere so there's your direct is a prepaid uh debit and mobile banking app for you as base dashers powered by pay fire it provides dashers no fee payouts for every dash access to convenient banking functionality and cashback on gas dining groceries travel and more here's how it works like so you have incentive deposits uh so basically if you deliver food for doordash it's a really convenient solution your earnings are processed automatically without fee you can [Music] and there is visa prepaid card access to banking core mobile banking functionality is available cashback rewards on gas dining travel and everyday purchases and all of that so let's just open the app and see how it works so dasher direct manage your money so you can just get started uh so yep you can just enter your mobile number so for the sake of this demo uh let's just enter what is available here and then i just need to enter the code so since it's not arriving maybe i can just try to resend the code so for some reason it's just not deriving for me i don't know um enter it to verify a number and of course you can only use like us numbers um so hope uh that can be how we need to enter him about uh you can contact support but anyways i just wanted to bring your attention to this app just for you to know that this is an interesting opportunity you can save some money so there you have it so hope that is helpful at least that

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