Dawn AI app - I still have watermark after upgrading

so here's the AI app and I upgraded to pro version and to my surprise when I tap on the pro version I still see the watermark in the top right I was like what's going on like what's then the point of upgrading but then I discovered that this is probably just some bug or something in this app because you can still generate first 50 avatars as I understand for free just with a free account but then if you want faster processing and the ability to instantly generate other filters without need to wait for one day uh so let's just try it and then um you can just generate with any filter and this generated images will be without Watermark if you have a pro account so that's basically how there is no watermark uh even with a pro account for me still it's a bit confusing I think if you have a pro account you shouldn't have watermark on any of those images whatsoever but just to show you now that it just has this image you can just save it to your profile without Watermark there is no watermark here in the top right corner so there you have it something like it hope it is helpful

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