Dawn AI app - I still have watermark even after upgrading

curious down AI Avatar image app and then yeah if you can go to your profile then you can just actually tap and save your own generated Avatar to your photos and then it will just be saved to your camera roll so as you can see here it's just now being saved however I don't understand why watermark here is included because I'm on a pro version so not sure like if you can remove this Watermark or not um yeah that's a bit weird actually because uh yeah I just passed for the pro version and I hope that like that would remove Watermark but since it's not removing it so yeah that's a bit of the issue but anyhow hope you get the idea how it works uh so yeah that's basically that it takes some time for Generate additional Avatar images uh if you uh yeah um you have those and then just right in a bit on a free version you need to wait like one day to be able to generate additional images um you're here it's in I like almost instantly being generated and it's actually pretty close so then if I tap on those then then there is no uh okay then there is no watermark so if you're on the page subscription and you generate a new image from that byte subscription then there will be no watermark

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