Dawn AI - errors, doesn’t work - what you can do?

so here's what to do if you're using down AI app and you see some error messages so I'm just going through our support center make sure you're using the most recent version of the app like go to App Store on Google Play Store and make sure to update it switch to a different internet connection if you're using Wi-Fi network try mobile data connection and vice versa turn it off your VPN if you're using those check that your device has enough storage maybe you just don't have like enough enough memory storage in your device update your iOS Android software close the app refresh the app and reopen it turn off your on your phone turn it back on so there you have it and then if you tried it all you can just type contact us here um or just go through the App Store and tap contact support and then just uh you can include screenshot the screen recording that shows the issue your current version of iOS or Android the app version and your device make and model so there you have it um yeah hope that is helpful

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