DAWN AI - how to generate AI avatars?

so here is this app called down which helps you to generate AI avatars it's a bit different from lens that I and other apps it's actually pretty fun to use so how it works basically first time when upload images of sub so you need to upload like 10 to 20 images um and then you will just see this AI training is ongoing and you don't need to upgrade actually to generate avatars here so then then after uploading images here is how your uh avatars look like again I didn't need to upgrade but it took for a while before these images were ready then I just have me tag and I can generate more AI avatars I can just uh tag me as uh astronaut for example so that's how you generate images so you're out of credits every day you get zero Generations by until tomorrow to get more or got Pro to create unlimited message images so there you have it so yeah that's basically that that's how you generate and then you will just see all these images in uh in different style also here you see different styles like back in time and then you can just generate uh generate these images with with this example so that's how it works it's pretty cool actually so you can see all these Styles you can generate a cosmic leaves low pulse 3D character realistic painting watercolor caveman so all of that you can do uh it's pretty nice so try that hope that is helpful

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