Dawn AI, Voi, LENSA AI - what is the CHEAPEST or FREE APP to generate AI avatars?

hello everyone so there are so many these AI Avatar apps right now so let's just explore which one is actually the cheapest one and which one should you choose so for example if you just go to like I don't know photo and video category probably um you can see a bunch of those apps like Lanza AI Dawn AI uh away Avatar app by Wonder so let's just explore which one is the cheapest one so I downloaded a lot of them and I will just share my experience so first the most popular one is down AI like this app went viral and actually the idea behind this app was that you could actually have generated 50 avatars for free so you could just tap create uh Avatar and then you could just have uploaded some photos from your albums here so here you can do that like for example and then like few weeks ago yeah there wasn't this pop-up and you could generate 50 AI avatars for free which was crazy and then this app just skyrocketed to the top charts in the US App Store um but then they just introduced this pop-up and then feed that free feature was removed now you just need to upgrade there is no free trial and you need to upgrade for 9.99 per week so there you have it so basically what's the offer here you upgrades for ten dollars per week and then you have unlimited AI avatars unlimited AI styles fast processing and all of that so like this app basically costs ten dollars per week and you get unlimited AIO attires okay so let's go through Lancer AI what you can have here um yeah so let's just tap Magic avatars here is the pack I have generated also from the same selfies here you have a really cool deal right now you can pay 19.99 for the whole year uh uh no watermarking videos uh yeah 51 of what magic avatars but that doesn't give you unlimited AI avatars so you can just upgrade new avatars continue and then again like let's just repeat the same thingy and then let's just select those and then you still need to pay at least six dollars for for 50 avatars which is five variations of sand Styles so in this app if you want to get 50 hour Tarts that's six dollars that's cheaper than Don AI where you need to pay 10. but here you just have 50 and then if you need another 50 you need to pay again so that's basically that so this app is kind of cheaper if you want just to instantly get a pack of 50 avatars but yeah and then actually 100 avatars it's still cheaper like eight dollars but then if you want to generate more than 100 avatars probably don't AI is cheaper and then the last one which is called y so this app is uh yeah also quite popular and then here what you get unlimited avatars 40 plus tiles now ads for 4.99 per week so this app is actually cheaper than uh then don't AI where you need to pay ten dollars per week and in this app you need to pay five dollars which is like two times cheaper and then you have unlimited AI avatars so I think the Y Pro is actually the best deal right now so because again like in Lanza you pay six dollars you get a 50 avatars uh here you have you pay five dollars and you get unlimited avatars for for a week and in down AIO pay ten dollars and you yeah you get unlimited avatars as well for a week so kind of check out this app for a pro uh pretty nice app so I can just give you some example of course some people also want some specific quality because it just depends on the models yeah this is like the images you can get here here is just like an example you can get uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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