Dawn ai - “we are generating your avatars”

so here I'm trying this new trendy app called down AI and yeah I'm just stuck on this screen right now which is called we are generating your avatars uh basically what I did I just applauded like eight nine selfies of myself press the button and now I'm waiting um like yeah to be fair I'm I upgraded to the pro version to be to see if it's faster or not like before that before upgrading I also try to generate this model and it's just took like hours it wasn't progressing really fast I didn't know the app was stuck here and anything but now when I upgrade it it's just at least as time left seven minutes so at least I know after which period I will be able to access this AI Avatar so so just so you know it's not instant so it's not like you upload eight selfies and you instantly have your AI model now you will need to wait and even with a byte subscription you have a faster processing power but um you still need to wait so and then you can just enable this notification notify me and then after six minutes you will be able to to get a notification uh yeah that your avatars are ready and your AI model is ready uh so that's basically the idea hope that is helpful and uh yeah so something like that super interesting app and then after you generated your first AI model you will be able to apply all these filters back in time cool avatars editing and all of that hope that is helpful

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