deferit app what is it? Quick overview & how to install

hey there so here is the freight app um yeah it's pretty cool app where you can just split bills so you can just sign up via the app so you can just select your country either United States or Australia um you just sign up use the old school way kind of just visit my own password and then proceed with instructions then you can also log in if you already have an account so it's like query uh kind of easy way to do it it's climbing in charging top uh in top charts so you can see budget and pay any bill with no interest or light fee simply upload it will choose how much to buy and we'll pay it for you you pay overtime in for simple installments move payments and stay on top of your bills all within the app so it's kind of you can say this app is similar to you like klarna or affirm or when you you know you're buying some sneakers or some expensive stuff and then you can just split the the payments so here you can just do the same with your bills because sometimes tools can be a bit bigger than sneakers so yeah and then you just do that with these apps pretty powerful I didn't know that it kind of exists so you can try it out so how it works just upload a build by taking a photo screenshot or adding a file select the total amount to pay your biller choose whether to buy a front up front or overtime in for simple installments and we pay the full amount upfront to your Builder and then there is like uh 500 sorry budget budgeteers using the ferry to pay and manage their bills together so just once again so kind of you register on this app you upload your bill they pile pay the bill up front but you then of course you need to pay that money back to the app and then you just decide if you want to pay it over time in four simple installments I don't think it's possible to get like eight installments or like more than four but you can just split the cost for Easley for installments instead of paying the bill instantly so yeah there you have it

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