Delete BeReal not available - how to delete your post?

so delete might be real not available in case you are looking for that button like big button somewhere so for example you took your photo and so this is my burial this is not very good for example you can take it in the rush or you're speeding up and then yeah like how to delete it so burial makes it super hard to delete of course that's the whole purpose of the app that you remain authentic photos on the app and you don't delete everything so what i discovered it is possible still to delete your latest bureau so not all of your burials but just your latest ones so just tap on three dots in the bottom tap on the option in bottom right and here you will see delete my burial so in a site discard you can only do it to the latest burial it's not possible to do it to previous ones i just didn't figure out how to do that maybe it's possible but that button is super hidden somewhere then there is feature like burial memories but it's easy to delete burial memories but this this is just your memory so that's the like your personal archive and if you delete from memories your photos still available in burial feed um so that's that's just some advice for you guys uh hope is helpful

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