Dive Chat - app preview

here's app called dive chat college is back make it come so it's a social media for colleges um yeah so interesting approach yeah so it has all these like boards forums chats uh all the announcements just around your college life so it's not like a general social media it's not like instagram or facebook dive chat is currently exclusive to the top organizations in school that know how to party think you got what it takes visit dive.chat to request an invite for your fraternity or sorority and skip the white list of 10k college students across the nation ross asks at dive chat on instagram or hello at dive chat so a lot of people ask like yeah so it has 360 ratings so far 4.4 average rating so like pretty good um so yes this is the app but it has like a huge white list so so not everyone can join it so you need to be like in top like in specific schools which have access to it and then this is the app to discuss like all the parties and what's going on and all of that um i don't know and for some reason it's also doesn't want to install i was also trying like fiest chat so okay let's just restart because app store app is acting weird so here is the app um and then there are like a lot of chats in this category there is fees app which is just enter top charts or see me uh and all the apps around of yeah like fees app is also getting the top charts right now um yep so that's basically the idea i don't know for some reason it keeps loading and i can't really install it but yeah are you using this app like is your college in this app are there more schools getting this app it's interesting to know uh is it gonna grow or not so yeah okay when this app is installed i'll probably just do another overview

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