Does Bionic Reading work with KINDLE or KINDLE APP?

so bionic reading is going viral and the main question is like can you add it to kindle app or to kindle device uh can you use it like with reading your favorite books i've just found here's this cool tutorial from website so feel free to visit it so basically yep uh what is by an ingredient bionic reading is when some parts of the words are displayed in bold text and are highlighted and yep this way your brain can understand the whole world the word even with even without reading the whole world so it makes reading much faster and you are much more focused and you can read like huge amount of tags much faster it's interesting technique but it's not again it's not on the kindle yet so what you can do uh um yeah if uh if you have already epub files so this will only work for like free public domain books uh of course i'm not suggesting you to you know like do some uh you know bad stuff just if this book is already like available for free then uh you can use bionic reading online converter just going to bionic and drag and drop that and then just upload the the file upload the epub file and then you can format uh format this file and then you can just download it as epub and then send to your kindle email address also there is a recommendation to change the font face to helvetica to increase the readability and comprehension and then here is how the bionic reading book will look on kindle so as you can see here the text is highlighted in bold and yet at the beginning you're like what's going on here but when you try to focus and read it can sometimes actually makes a difference and also you can just use it on kindle iphone app and all of that so yeah that's the idea that's how it works so definitely give it a try and yep so that's basically how it works so okay we can just go to and here uh you have bionic reading converter so you'll just go here and this is where you can convert txt rtf or epub and docx like doc word document port [Music] and then yeah you can just browse the file download it and send it to your kindle device

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