Does official ChatGPT iOS app work in different languages?

If you are a user of the official ChatGPT iOS app, you might be wondering if it supports languages other than English. Good news, it does!

According to a recent video transcript, not only does the app support multiple languages, but it also has audio recognition capabilities in those languages. The speaker in the video demonstrates this by typing in Ukrainian without any changes to the app's settings. Other languages that can be used include Polish, Vietnamese, and French.

Although there may be a slight delay in the app's response time compared to typing in English, the functionality appears to be working smoothly. Additionally, the app's audio recognition feature works just as well in different languages. The video speaker demonstrates by saying a few words in Ukrainian, and the app quickly transcribes the text.

If you want to change the app's speech recognition settings, it's a simple process. Open the app's speech recognition menu, select "auto detect," or choose the language you want to use. It's that easy!

In conclusion, the official ChatGPT iOS app is a multi-language friendly app that works seamlessly with languages other than English. So, no matter what language you speak, you can use the ChatGPT iOS app without any hassle.

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