one lesser known feature of dream by wombo app is that you can use camera here so not just upload photos from a camera roll but you can give access to your camera and then take photos in real time and instantly generate some ai image it can be pretty fun so tap select image and here you have camera so that's uh yeah that's basically it so camera you can adjust lightning a flash you can change the camera direction um you can yeah so something like that so you can try it with the selfies it doesn't really work that well with selfies so let's just try i will take a picture of the chair and then okay here is chair i can crop the photo but of course if you're traveling you can take a photo of landscape skyline all of that but usually these people this app doesn't work that well so if you take in a selfie or picture of your friends like it won't be able to generate something really nice sometimes it will be quite ugly because this is ai so then you can just use input image i can enter some select share i can select no style and then i just tap create let's wait for it hopefully there are no glitches and then yeah something like this as you can see algorithm is directly building this app this photo here yep so now you you have like a chair uh image so something like that and then you can generate it again and i think it will regenerate bison that image then you can publish and so that's how you use the camera uh yeah like the camera option is a bit hidden like because there is no specific button so you tap select image and then you can only find camera so some people can't find it but that's where it is so enjoy

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