here's dream by wombo app so what you can do you can just tap on the plus icon and you can use your camera so tap select image and in this section when you select your image you can have like camera and then you can give access to the camera enable dream to access your camera to upload your photos of the creation of dreams so yeah like the camera is a bit hidden here so not a lot of people can find it but that's how you give access then of course you can change the direction of camera it can be like uh you know front or opposite and then you can just take a photo or you can use your selfie and then you can just uh adjust influence and then you can just basically okay uh you can just select style or no style and then you can just generate image so you can just generate image from your camera so you are traveling somewhere it took a photo and instantly you can generate some ai artwork from that of course there are some bugs or you can use it to generate selfies uh but yeah this is basically how you give access to your camera in dream by vombo app um oh no so it's it's not this one is not that so you can see here there is some [Music] okay so this one is not the best one but yeah you can play you can play with it

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