Dream by Wombo app - is AI generated artwork copyrighted?

so i'm just going here through some of the comments for dream by womba uh this is amazing app where you can generate ai artwork and it is becoming better and better uh so if i want to do something like this it will generate me the image of c but the question is are these images copyrighted can you use them anywhere else and if you go to their discord faq section you will see that actually you can't use these images because as i have watermark and say i copyrighted so actually if you plan to sell them uh yeah so if i just generated this image like it looks amazing right i didn't do any work and i have amazing cool image i didn't pay anyone any artist to create that and like wow i can just you know sell it on openc can i but seems that if i want to download it to my device it will first it will have watermarks um [Music] and yeah so you can't remove them there is no option to remove watermarks in doing by wombo um and then second it still it is still copyrighted so if i open the the image it is has this all these watermarks and if you go to their discord so you can just open the app and there is a discord faq so you can just open here there are discord if you open that up in a faq section you can read that that basically okay so i need to download this chord first but anyways basically it is copyrighted so yep that's basically what it is if you have any other ideas or comments please leave them down the video

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