Dream By Wombo app IS DOWN, NOT WORKING, bugs - possible fixes

here is dream by wumbo app and it's like surging in charts so you can see it's number one app in graphics and design and today it is also the number one app in all categories but if you just switch the reviews for example uh some of the rest interviews app doesn't work at all sometimes some people say please fix it's not working it won't work it took me all day just just to sign in because i assumed the system was down and when i finally was able to make an account all i saw was error signs i can't use the app they should get fixed got it because people were talking about it and wouldn't work next day they finally announced it was because servers were done and their team was on it looks like this one no longer works keep saying server is not found server crashing doesn't work it just doesn't work later on as it works glitches out so the issue was that again uh app went in the top charts in u.s app store and the servers were not ready and dream by wombo app announced in their discord and also here you can see that they say we are experiencing extremely high traffic and their servers are actually not ready so you can go to their discord and you can check announcements um so for some people it it keeps working other people just can't use it so uh yesterday at 5 57 a.m it says that the dreambo dream is somewhat functional again you should be able to create artworks home feed is still out of order but we are working to restore it sap so that's the issue you don't need to update the app you don't need like you know to restart your wi-fi anything that's just like the back-end issue of the app so again it's not your old phone it's not your wi-fi or 4g 3g no it's just a backhand issue with the app and i don't know when exactly it fully will be solved so my solution was sometimes it works sometimes doesn't i just try it again and again and then somehow it started working then again it stops working so what you can do at least is just use this app outside of peak hours so majority of uh users of dream by wombo are from us so they use this app like is i think on the most i think during weekdays and also during uh so yes or during weekends and during big days usually the spike of users on the apps would be like from 1 p.m to like 7 8 p.m eastern time so if you're using this app in the morning of us time or in during the night of us time there should be a bit less users and then it should help to fix the problem um so try to use outside of peak times either in the morning or in the night or during the night um that can help a bit but other than that as you can see it kind of works for me so i'm accessing it right now from europe so i don't know if it has if it has influence but still if i want to create some uh image and then select some category sometimes it finishes the artwork sometimes it doesn't uh so in that case i just like different art style and then it finishes also if it says i can't finish the artwork i just tap retry and usually on the second time 90 it works also if you add an input image it also sometimes is buggy and if you have complicated prompts and all of that it doesn't work but as you can see right now it just works perfectly fine so at least for me at this moment it works well but again during some other time it just completely crashes so that's for you if you just really really want to try this app don't be discouraged is it's working just maybe during the next few days it it's uh it will be buggy and glitchy because there are like millions of users want to try out this ai artwork experience yeah and it's very addictive it's it's really cool technology uh but yeah that's what it is right now so yeah don't get discouraged the app is working but there are a few issues here and there that's why it's kind of a bit uh yeah a bit dysfunctional so so hope you enjoyed if you enjoyed at least some help to this solution uh continue contributing to this channel by super thanks so just tap super thanks button uh below this video so that's what you can do thank you so much

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