Dream by Wombo - can select photos from folders or albums?

so when you're going through the dream by wombo app and you want to create ai art the really cool features that you can select an image and generate are based on the image so here you can go through the through the photos and give access to your camera roll but like a lot of users don't only have photos in their camera roll there are a lot of albums and folders like uh some of the folders can be like in you know i have quotes instagram like places live photos screenshots imports uh like you know all of these folders on iphone and yeah actually in rainbow discord support channel people are asking like is there a way to input other peaks besides from camera roll because some of my input peaks do not appear here so is there a way to add uh yeah other photos from uh from camera roll uh from other folders when you input images in dream by wombo app currently and here is the reply from the developer currently there is no way to search through other folders but you can copy an image over from a downloads folder to a camera roll if you go in your my files app uh so there is you can also just go to this channel to their discord channel go to dream feedback and then here you can ask the developers and they will help you out they are super responsive super supportive here so that will definitely help you out uh so that's that

How to select multiple photos at on...
How to select multiple photos at once On iPhone. (#shorts )
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