here is dream by wumbo app and the really amazing feature about it is that you can use your own images in this app to generate a artwork based on that images so just in the bottom tab select image and then you can uh select your own photos so these are just photos from my camera from my you know photos app on iphone and this is where i can see my recent photos where i can just choose them so this is some photo i can choose it i can so i just get access to photos from my camera i can adjust influence of these photos do i want to use this image have minor influence default influence or major influence just have that and then i can type anything i can just you know add something like this and then basically using photo from my camera roll uh i can just generate a new ai artwork usually i select high influence because then it's kind of still very close and i also like no styling because then you still kind of have like aqua impressionist image but or something like that but it's very close and it's still different so yeah and then you just have this kind of image so that's that's fun so yeah you can do it

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