Dream by Wombo is functional again! Bugs are gone?

so i'm just now right now exploring dream by wumbo app and this app was like so buggy and glitchy it was in fact like quite unusable and i just joined their discord to figure out why so seems this app really of course like it spiked in the top charts and then you can see like the amount of traffic they are having uh so like 130 000 users active in the last 30 minutes um and then um like finally seems that uh wombo is uh somewhat functional again you should be able to create artworks home fit is still out of order but we are working to restore it asap thank you for your patience so that's basically now it should be fixed and you can follow wombo uh to yeah to follow these updates thank you for our patience uh so that's basically that so that's how it works uh yeah so hopefully now you can access it and now i can also finally access it and home fit also works for me so um yeah that's what you should know so there were issues but at least right now for me it's working still if you want to generate artwork for some reason sometimes it's it's you can't do it especially if you select some complicated patterns and categories you can't finish creating images for some instances but overall the app is functional again so just enjoy

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