Dream by Wombo issues “we are experiencing extremely high traffic right now”

so um here is dream by wumbo app you can see this message where experience very high traffic sinks my might be tricky and glitchy so that's yeah you just need to have that in mind if you go to their discord uh you can see that this app had like literally hundreds of thousands of users in real time on their app and it's like in top charts it's right now at this moment it's number one app in the us app store so that brings a lot of server issues some things are not functional like some some users this home feed is not working for a lot of other users you can't finish generating your artwork so that you so you just know this is kind of normal because like millions of users users trying to access the app quick workaround would be uh just logical thinking because majority of users come in from north america so if you're using this app outside of like day hours for north america you should have less issues because there are less users in that period so just google like easter time in america or and for example i think the top hours are like from you know like 10 a.m eastern time to 8 00 p.m eastern time so if you use the app earlier than that or later on that or if you're in us just try to use the app either in the morning or in a bit later in the night and also during work days not during the weekends and then you will just have less issues of course you can restart the app and it will show the solve the issue maybe you can try to wait for the app update but there you have it

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