Dream by Wombo - Unusable, bugs, error, server issues - what you can do?

so i'm going here through the review of dream by womba app and recently this app obviously spike in popularity and has like seems like millions of new users but also be because of that is just uh yeah it just has so many bugs and glitches so for example if i just try to open the app so you can see what's happening i just see here failed and then i see vr experience server issues some requests might not result in dream art don't worry our rombos are on it and yeah and then the app just keeps loading nothing happening so these are the type of glitches and even if you can't open the app if you open the app sometimes you just want to generate image or something like that and it it never finishes you just can't finish to do it so one of the top reasons for that is that this app hit the top charts in the us app store and um [Music] yeah and then that's why it's uh it's it has several issues there are like millions of new users during just last few days so in case you want to solve some of these issues there are not that many advices honestly um like practically what you can do you can just wait few hours and try again of course you can try to wait until they update the app and update their servers i don't know when it can happen or is it feasible in the near future then um yeah like more practical solution would be to use this app outside of peak us hours because majority of users seem to be from us and north america overall so just calculate your time sir you're not using this app during daytime in us uh or at least during i would say which i can see like like where the bugs are coming it's like period from one one two to eight p.m eastern time uh in us this is kind of like the peak period in in that range it can be different of course but basically just type in google like either like warning us time or evening or night u.s time what is it is in your time zone for example maybe you live in europe or asia so try to use this app during that time if you're living in us try to use the app during weekdays in the morning or um yeah in the night that's what basically you can do if there are like you know a lot of like server issues spike of users usually uh during these are the periods where they're just like invisible amount of users otherwise i just can't access it right now i can restart the app of course and try to open it again maybe it will work maybe not but there is no guarantee and then the app just keeps loading and loading and loading so that's what is happening and then again an error so there you have it uh something around it [Music] you can also reach out to the to the app support if you just tap on here app support and then you can just write here so you can you will be redirected to onebot.ai and here there is a way to contact them you can reach out them at this email which is basically hello at onebot.ai so that's that's what you can try out uh yeah so something around it if you know any other solutions like how to fix these glitches or what works for you so i'm using ios iphone it's a bit older iphone 7 so maybe because of that it's not working properly but not sure like my wi-fi is pretty fast i have like 300 megabits per second wi-fi um so i don't know what other issue probably maybe they will fix already when you are watching this video so that's that

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