Drops.coinbase.com - Coinbase campaign from SuperBowl ad

hello so um here is the link drops dot coinbase.com which was featured in uh in super bowl ad which went viral um so basically this is the link and this is the offer which just expires in like you know 31 hours so you can just right now sign up and get 15 dollars and if you already have coinbase you can opt in to win three million dollars in bitcoin uh terms uh so yeah so here you have it if you just have uh never had an account before uh uh yeah after your identity is verified bitcoin will be added to your portfolio at the time offer us only excluding hawaii only available to new users who have not previously verified their identification so uh there you have but if you already have a coinbase you can opt in to win 3 million i don't know with this yeah if this is available to everyone um so three min three winners will get one million in bitcoin each as a thank you for letting us be part of your crypto journey all you need to do is opt in before 11 59 pm pacific time on 27th of february just hit the opt-in button below watch your inbox winners will be announced in mid-march so there you have it [Music] so something like that so let's just opt in success you have opted in winners will be contacted in mid-march no purchase necessary and then there you have it just tap done that's it uh probably then you you need to be uh yeah just uh you will see here notifications uh opt-in successful you will be notified and then uh there is also an email you are in for running one million in bitcoin so there you have it so that's basically what was featured in the coinbase ad so if you haven't seen it it just went viral on the twitter so the ad i think was super creative uh like it was very old-school uh and it just featured a bouncing qr code um or you can just see some so here you can just see this this is how it looked like something like that uh and then you could just you know scan it with your phone number just scan the qr code and be redirected to the website but then coinbase website was down or coinbase app was down so yeah like uh there you have it um but i think it still was one of the best ads on super bowl at least the the one which was mostly featured on twitter and everyone just discussed that um hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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