Duo Video Chat app - how to create an account?

here is Duo video chat plus text and calls app this app is about high quality video chat um yeah and it's clamping in top charts uh so let's just explore how it works and why is it going in top charts so new do a new live free video chat plus texting and calling unlimited piece new private phone number the best video chat Plus phone app get multiple phone numbers you can get second partner phone numbers for dating shop in working business and travel reach anyone anywhere anytime it's a free video chat app then you can also use it for international calling and so a lot of functionality in this app this is how you do you can just uh tab to get started and there you have it so that's how you create an account and then just proceed and yeah I will just probably create another video around it

How to Create DUAL Apps On Android ...
How to Create DUAL Apps On Android | Run Multiple Accounts Easily [3 Ways]
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