Duo Voice - mobile phone calls - app overview

here's interesting app which is called Duo voice mobile phone calls we have made some improvements to make your app experience even better so high quality voice calling app enjoy clear and stable phone calls worldwide calls to 200 plus countries and regions simple to import contacts and make calls keep your conversation private and safe get plenty of rewards every day so yeah that's basically it Duo voice is a free calling app that offers international calling and quality a phone call locally and abroad use this wi-fi calling app Android free calls for advice with any real phone number without worrying about about expensive bills so that's basically the app then you can just open it up free Global console around the world get free credits to make unlimited calls every day of course there are some ads in this app um and then uh yeah uh uh newcomer bonus you can get 500 credits but then you still need to watch the ad to get access and then yeah that's basically the idea so you can call friends and family for free there is a keep but you can purchase additional credit packs for these prices or you can get for free uh if you daily check-in if you follow if you don't know that probably if you were some ads and all of that um um so yeah that's basically the the app and then you can just call uh different numbers uh and yeah so that's what you can do uh I just want to figure out how many um like minutes you get per calling um so yeah and then you can just enter number where you want to call and then you can just call like this

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