eHarmony dating app - how to create an account?

okay so here is this harmony dating app which as you can see is in the top charts in us app store so let's go through it together um and let's try to install the app so just tap get use your face idea touch id there are all like so many data knobs and so many angles how you can start with dating like this app is focusing on compatibility so it probably you will need to take some personality tests and then just find someone who is close to you personal uh yeah who's compatible to you who has a like close personality so yeah super interesting to see how it works so that's that and then i can just join now and then you can select your gender and who are seeking then then you can just sign in with apple or facebook and then you just need to take your compatibility quiz and then it will take about 20 minutes to complete this compatibility quiz in peace and quiet ask answer spontaneously and honestly there are no right or wrong answers here so there you have it so something like that you can always uh pause it and continue with it later um so yeah and then you just answer all of these questions i'll probably won't take your time uh to do that but yeah i will probably just create another video with just an e-harmony app overview and all of that but yeah let's try maybe to continue a bit so i'm just adding some random answers and then you just completed 15 percent and also you just have an idea so something like that so yes you can see here this a harmony dating app requires quite an effort to create an account on other apps you can create an account like instantly but here if you just want to get a better match that's the part of the process that you need to really really answer all these questions and then the app will just like find an online harmony for you so if you like this process more just try out this app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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