Email verification doesn’t arrive in Truth Social app

hey there so here is your social app and um email verification is not working so verification email doesn't arrive people are trying like two different emails and have tried to send it multiple times still no email has showed not even in spam there is a problem with some sending server people have been trying this a lot there are so many bugs at this moment uh like you can just see the reviews and by the way it's also it's not working on working older than ios 13. so here you can see that someone starts to create an account that says something when you're on update one uninstall and reinstall the app which allowed to select birthday and email address that you can experience uh error after confirming the email address to an emailed link um we'll try again decided to repeatedly click buttons until the process advanced ignore error messages so yep there you have it uh so that's basically it i don't know you can always reach out to customer support in this app you can just wait until they update and there is less influx of users and less people signing up so yeah

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