ESPN Fantasy Sports app overview

hello so how to install espn fantasy sports so super is just tab got in app store and then just use your touch id to install and there you have it after that the app will be installed so this is how it looks like so the idea of the app is that you just have these fantasy sports [Music] yup yeah you can play espn fantasy football basketball and all of that you can just create this fantasy football basketball baseball hockey league to play with friends to join an exciting league you can sign up drop your draft your fantasy team get player rankings fall of your players all seasons and all of that so let's just try to open the app and then you can just start by creating an account so let's see what's required here so not that much just your first time last name email address and then just password okay so you can always login um if you already have a disney account somewhere you can log in with that to this app so i think and then this is the app so you just created an account so that's how you install the app and create an account so then you can see kind of all these stats with the fantasy games you um can fantasy baseball so something like that i'm not super close with this fantasy sports concept but if you know more just leave it in the comments so people can explore it um yeah so that's the idea um so yeah hope that was helpful