Everdome.io, Evergrow, Biconomy (BICO) - overview of trending tokens - podcast

Everdome.io, Evergrow, Biconomy (BICO) - overview of trending tokens - podcast

Everdome.io, Evergrow, Biconomy (BICO) - overview of trending tokens
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What is Everdome.io and how to buy? What is Evergrow token Biconomy - the Stripe of Blockchain?


Hey in this episode let's explore what is ever Dom IO crypto is and how to buy it so you can go to Everdome website and this is called the most ambitious matter of ours project Crypto has ever seen. Everyone is looking for the next potential thousand eggs opportunity, but dealing with launch pass unlimited availability starts on. We have decided to reward our two heroes by guaranteeing spots on the pre sell of the most ambitious matter of our Project Turks has ever seen. So exclusive ever done pre sell for Hero holders.

So let's just go through their website and try to understand.

So there is 10% of total supply which has been reserved for you and Snapshot was taken on November 25 and all existing shareholders were automatically added to our whitelist. A second snapshot will be taken on December 10 to close the Euro stage. Any address, those are rules, so any address itself transfers out. Hero is automatically and permanently removed from the whitelist. You might be buying more or transferred in Hero to move up tires.

Only non CX wallets are eligible. Any address after 1012 are only eligible for 50,000 plus Hero one slot. So there are Hero holders and there are early heroes. You can contact them on their website for private presale Telegram and then there is Twitter.

It's an interesting gaming project and a lot of people are writing that it's part of Mattervirus which will become a multi trillion dollar market.

And this is like our Dom. It's a hyperrealistic Matters project. Let's just discover how to buy our Dom token.

So it's interesting.

Our Dom token is a decentralized exchange network that uses stable coins as a backbone for transaction in the crypto market. Our Dom token use decentralized system blockchain. Obviously in December 2020 that was a calculated insurance action up to June 299,000,000,000, which has been carried out for over 2 million users.

So to get our dumb talk and users can buy Hero even transpire to move up the list and go up tires.

So you just need to follow again the steps which were outlined on average on our website.

That's basically it.

So there you have it.

So hope this quick overview was interesting. You can go to this website and just also read some stuff here.

So that's the idea.

There are a bunch of like this new tokens which are actually quite interesting.

There are more and more like talking some coins every day these days.

So another one which I noticed is getting a lot of traction on social media. It's like if you just search our growcoin could be the next big crypto to explore in 2022, you can see a lot of this like top stores press releases. You can go to their website evergrowcoin. Com.

You can see that actually, if I go to finance Yahoo. Com, there are a lot of press releases. So it seems a lot of people are just like pumping up and creating a lot of express release options, so I don't know if it's a good sign. They're just trying to promote this token.

So our Growcoin EGC launched just two months ago, enhanced in sensational grouse heating or 108,000 holders and at one point going about 1 billion market cap. The timing of the launch could have been better for the hour. Grow project is the crypto winter with crypto Giants like Bitcoin dropped by double digits on several trading days.

So now you can see that our grow cited as an XB crypto. So dramatic corrections. Now Evergrow is around 300 million in market cap.

What is the team behind Evergrow? It's consisting of marketing, finance, and blockchain professionals with decades of experience have not been shy and stating that their ambitions are far to be a top 20 global crypto in 2022 achieved the current market cap in green by at least 30 times. So that's quite ambition. But again, you should be quite careful with all these new altcoins and you should really explore and try to learn about the team about the token. Like what is it really valuable and all that we're I hold Evergrow coins like from their website.

Evergrow is a flashing top and designed to become more scars over time. All holders of BGC will earn an 8% reward from every buy sell transaction in finance by USD which is automatically sent to your wallet funded by Strategic buyback. 1% tokens are collected from every transaction and converts it to B and B that starts in our contract. So a lot of these tokens actually you need to be like really professional and understand sometimes what they are talking about. So it's always a good idea just to join the discord so you can go to their app.

Just join the discord. So that's what I see what some more experience investors are doing. Join the discord and see how the flow is going there. Like also discussion is going like what the team is messaging about, like the quality of product, the picture. If you can go to the website, you can see the quality of the website because for some tokens just the images are stolen from other website.

So I don't know if it's a good sign or not, but anyway, it can be a good token even with the shitty website.

So you can see all of that. You can see total supply. You can see your rewards dashboard. If you go to Dashboard, then you can see your wallet. You can just connect your wallet and then just see an overview of all of that.

So that's basically it. So this is just a quick overview of Everdome so interesting new crypto project.

So that's that other project I noticed which was all over the social media was PECO coin, which was trending economy.

So what is the economy? Is it worth investing?

It was really trending.

So the economy is building across chain transaction infrastructures on the blockchains. Like Ethereum Avalanche crypto, it tries to simplify the interface that connects the users to the network. The economy assignment for what no other blockchain has worked in the person Bitcoin apply and play SDK for Taps, so that's interesting.

So let's just read further. The south is pretty much unique considering the blockchain technology itself. In the early stages, adoption and other plane is focusing primarily and building an efficient transaction efforts that can be gas free.

So PECO coin. I see I was priced in two options $0.25 and $0.15 per token. It is live on exchange and it was founded in March 2019 by Annikachinda Ahmed Albalagi and Sachin Tamar, and it tries to become a strive payment network of the blockchain so that's super ambitious so problems addressed by the economy gas fee, multi currency support plugin SDK for Taps, user retention and drop off rates. And there are different economy projects like Max Forward, Hypen and all that so economy Funding 1 November 2021 Economy has raised a total of 10.5 million US Series funding, which is 9 million is invested by Mechanism Capital and DACM and Zero strategic capital investment are funded by client by partners, so that's super interesting.

So definitely check out this token as well.

So this sums up an overview of three interesting tokens which were in the news recently. Of course, right now it's called like a crypto winter, so a lot of these tokens are really not drawing like Bitcoin and Ethereum, so it's some correction. I don't know where will it end? But that was just a quick overview.

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