evrmore Social Audio Journal app - how to create an account?

hello so here's interesting app which is called evermore social audio journal here is your navy's friend so to install it on iphone just type guide and let's see how it works and then just use touch id to install a new kind of social that gets who you really are uh say what's on your mind to reveal hidden patterns share and save key moments with your inner circle explore your thoughts to improve your mind and know yourself honor your personality create your own mister mindset into action so that's super cool idea get your a part motivation and emotional wellness backed by science of empathy and social psychology a new way to be social by being yourself going on your hero's journey and sharing your growth is your inner circle on armor you can sit back and unpack what's on your mind without judgement voice and share your source however you like and still have total privacy you can use evermore to improve your relationship by going on quests that reveal your deeper personal stress so let's just open this up as i understand this is like an audio app where you can just talk to the app and it uses some machine learning algorithm to analyze patterns in your words like which can reflect your mood or like your tunnels or like you know you're just your ideas um so you have to create a new account i can just tap create a new account and then i just use my basically i usually i just sign in with apple i try to uh because as on iphone apple device it's super usually it's super easy uh hello there hello so um yep that's it just pick your truce get unstuck on your narrative so then you just confirm your photo so then you just need to access your camera so then you can just okay that's just a photo for the first test and let's see through how that select the plan for your journey one week free trial uh this plan is called embark for individual includes basic questions by executions one week free trial then 9.99 per month and then 15.99 um okay but then i just don't know if i want that uh if they're like um in the the free version at all since it's not possible to get here so overall hope that is helpful uh thank you for watching hope you at least understood the basics of this app and how to create an account i will see later if i really need it or how can i use it or maybe i'll try a trial but let's see how it works

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