Fab - Messages from your star - how to create account?

here is interesting app which is called fab messages from your star so let's just install this app and see how it works so just use touch id to install it just two writings here the bot is already in top charts welcome to fab once you enroll it will instantly give you 100 points a new way of connecting with your favorite star closer to your star on the fab messages that make your heart skip beat check all the message if you're on fire start collect your all message at once connect with your fap star um yep so let's just open it up i don't know like how it works actually and then [Music] i just want to sign up his email okay so so try like this so then you just need to enter this code i don't do you need like a referral code so i i don't have no idea like actually where to get it maybe i can just log in maybe i can just log in here like that this apple id just interesting for me to see how this app looks like okay so seems you can now yay so that's basically how you create your account you can manage your notifications and there you have it i earned hundred points great i have no messages i just want to figure out how to once you subscribe to stars you will see them here so then i just want to explore them seems this is either like chinese or arduino japanese app so if i subscribe and then maybe i can receive messages so anything something like that

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