Face Dance - photo animator - full app overview

here's the app which is called face dance uh which is a photo animator app uh where you can just make your photos scene or just animate your photos let's see how it works so let's just install it on iphone and try to use it so the idea of it is really cool so you can just upload a photo and then this app will animate this photo using ai technology also you can just upload old photos and they will start moving you can turn friends into memes you can choose from different trending songs and there are new releases new songs and new i don't know categories every day at some point there was an app which was called myheritage and this app just went viral because basically my heritage is just like a dna website or something but then they released similar feature where you could just you know upload some old photo and that old photos will start moving and that created kind of like a nostalgia nostalgic vibes in a lot of people and they just used it with their ancestors and that's really sparked the nerve and that app went viral for a few weeks so let's just see if this app is also quite cool because for sure it can be just a separate feature i mean like the whole app can be just by based on this feature of moving photos so here is the app so you can allow oh yeah okay this is some basic settings and then so to create your account let's just and then here you have the options of the paid version but then you don't even need to create an account and then you will see this all these templates which you can use then also you can see your settings of course you can try a pro version but you don't even need to create an account and then for example if i want to do that so then you can just have some photo or you can just use demo and so to see how that works yeah just use the demo photo and of course there are these annoying ads here in this app but yes that's the point because it's a free version of course if you want to avoid these ads you will need to upgrade no four more seconds okay these ads are pretty annoying but then at least so yeah and now this app just generated this image you can also allow notifications and as your best friend i suggest we play a little game so let's just try with the camera uh so now i can just import that photo and face dance is being created so let's see how that works and of course there is a new [Music] just this there is this ad like okay bear with me of course you can just scroll in the youtube video yeah with this kind of longer ads i think a lot of people just basically upgrade just depending on if you're using the app or not and as your best friend i suggest we play a little game i like to call have you met ted so something like that i like to call and uh no no then as your best friend i suggest we play a little game i like to call have you met ted no no okay so it's it's okay quality it's not the best maybe you need to have a really good photo and like you know good lighting high quality photo and then you can just play with it and that it can be fun so you can add not only your photo you can just add of course your friend's photo and have fun with your friends there are all these different categories you can select for example also nostalgia where you can you use some black and white photos there are some only photos for pro versions there are some memes there are some trending photos there are that you can also search so again there are these categories and then if you want to to unlock face dance pro and basically remove all these like super annoying ads uh so that's one year for 29.99 so that's it or one week for 5.49 so unlimited content removal ads faster result high resolution and that's that's all the main features of that and then you can also try it for free for three days so either one week 549 or like 12 months 29.99 it's like 90 reduction but it makes sense you will either try this app for many times if you like it or you can just try it for one week if you really want just have fun with your friends for a few times so then it's like five bucks so there you have it uh that's your face gallery here uh there's your dance history you can share the app you can reach out to support follow on instagram um and yep um so that's the app um definitely give a try uh there was app like that which was called wombo ai it was also viral at some point um there was another app which was called my heritage where you could have uploaded your photos and they start moving i think this app is more similar to wombo ai where you can just you know upload these pictures and then they start moving and they yeah this stuff happens so other than that uh thank you a lot for watching and enjoying uh this video please subscribe to my channel uh follow me on youtube follow my blog mr hack.iover i describe some interesting apps like this one and you will always know first if there is some viral app which you can have fun with your friends with you can also find my podcast on spotify and hopefully see in the next videos

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