Facebook app not loading stories, can’t refresh - what to do?

okay so here is facebook and if i go to facebook app not the website if i try to refresh the feed i just can't do it and okay maybe there is some fix but it's just taking like super loan and stories are not loading i can't refresh feed and it's not only for facebook app it's also for whatsapp and instagram so at the moment it's just global outage for facebook instagram and whatsapp all these facebook companies uh you can try to reinstall the app change your wifi connection turn off turn on the phone but not sure it will help it's just some issue with the apps so probably there will be a solution soon in few hours uh but yeah that's just like uh three apps are down right now um so that's the issue so you probably should wait i don't know how you can access facebook or whatsapp on instagram right now during any institution as i know just about waiting in facebook app you still can access posts but they're just like old ones probably some cached results or something but new stories are not loading so if you have found any solution just leave it in the comments below it can help millions of people                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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