Fake Messages Pro - app overview & how to use?

here is interesting app which is called fake messages pro um so this is just app for entertainment and not advising you to use it in any you know not appropriate way but just for having fun for pranking your friends yeah just let's just explore it it started to hit the top charts in the us app store you can see that probably it's even made by like a solo developer uh people are writing good idea but app doesn't work well currently the app only can create two text messages that can be sent this number needs to be increased greatly to make this have functional uh 2.5 out of 5 average rating but anyways let's just install it and see how to you know create an account and have fun with your friends like once again in this app you can just have fun with friends don't try to use it and you know like an appropriate way or something like that so this it's like very tiny app actually just 10 megabytes and so let's just open it up uh you can give access to your notifications then there are different groups and then there is how to use credit group add messages to the group click the lightning button to activate the group close this app and waiting for the fake messages so here is the group uh sander frank come here right now and then uh so for example yeah you can frank is or someone else who can who can send you messages and then yeah you can just have that uh it sends uh then i can just add another message i can add oops so i can't add more messages nope okay let's create a new group uh so yep seems it's please close this app and wait for the fake messages uh so yeah okay we can just enable that this fake message will arrive in like 10 seconds that succeeded so let's just you know uh wait for 10 seconds and see if this message is arriving so actually you can prank your friends like this but of course you will just see that this message is it is appears just like that in the notification center so of course you will need to have your notifications enabled and then you will just have that coming as a message or you know as a notification bar basically on the phone and especially if your phone is locked or someone seen you can prank your friends this way and it can be pretty interesting just a prank app so that's kind of fun so yep pretty cool right

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