Fancy Stickers - Sticker Maker - app overview

here's interesting app it's called fantasy sticker sticker maker let's just install it and let's see how to use it and how to create an account so i guess with this app you can create funny memes and stickers and have much beer sticker collection than your friends and then just uh prank your friends and stand out in your chat um [Music] so that can be pretty interesting download the sticker micro and get access to thousands of sticker packs to use this car sales and funny whatsapp stickers and create your own stickers there are different sticker packs and categories choose photo from your album cut out by yourself obvious rai to add decoration and text on it as you want save 7 share and then you can also subscribe to the pro version so sounds interesting let's just open it up and let's see what we can do with this app um so here is the app create a sticker here here just some of the photos maybe i can just select this photo then i can outer brush it so that's pretty cool right so it is it's just uh deleted my background so i have this uh and then add back to okay so now it's just i created this pack and i can edit it so i just created my own photo which is a sticker then i can just take photo from here hello uh yeah i can just do that oh and then i can use all of this like uh then i add can add more text here and then i can just move it around so you get the idea and then you can add hearts cheeks mouse so that can be pretty fun right of course you can use your own photos or you can just use your friends photos so yep something like that um so there you have it i have my own sticker now uh then i just added to this new pack and then i can just add this back to whatsapp or message um so yeah like if i added two and then there you have it so now this pack is added to imessage and yeah now i can really stand out with my stickers i can delete it or i can then i can just see it here there is also an ad i think of course if you want to disable this ad you will need upgrade so here i can just go to settings or yeah i'm just interesting to see yeah it's here in the top right so 17.99 per month or 8.99 per week which you where you can create all these interesting stickers um yep um just share them so i think it's a really cool app and also you can just have these different cats and make yeah your own stickers not just with your photos but just with random photos and their massive collections here which you can just add but some of them needs to be unlocked and require subscription so there you have it um so hope that is helpful um thank you for watching see you in the next videos

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