FASTIC APP overview

hello so here is this app called fastik intermediate and fasting so let's just tap cat to install this app and then you just need to use touch id or face id to install it and then yeah you can see the size is 121 megabytes and it's a massive app actually it has 220k plus rating 4.8 out of 5 average rating here say bye bye to fat diets and start intermittent fasting with fastik we are the world's largest fasting community with over 17 million users how does it really work intermittent fasting has been shown to lead to sustainable weight loss that means you will get reconnected to your body for results that last is intermittent fasting healthy yes is the fasting app suitable for me so you can check out all that information in meanwhile let's just try to open the app and let's just try to create an account so i can show you what are the steps here it just takes some time for this app to load um but yeah let's just wait here a bit okay so here is the app it's loading slowly but steady i don't know actually why it takes some time like this so finally you can just start your journey tap here and then yep let's just enter my name uh so here you have two goals what would you like us to help you with you can for example set up please invite so you can for example um and then you just fill out this questionnaire so you can have like better profile and then you just enter your details and you can you hate so so then yeah okay you can also change uh change the how this works so for example here and then yep so you just entered your current weight and then you just need to enter your ideal weight and then just again you need to fill out all of this when do you usually eat and finish last meal so some people can eat right to the evening and then finally you can create your plan uh so then you just tap activate if you want notifications you can just do them you can allow website to track and then you just create your plan so that's basically how this works and then your personal plan is ready here is what is in for you lose weight look better tailors for beginners reach your goal in 24 weeks you can see here fasting plan 14 hour fast with 10 our eating window fast and start time eating window auto yes and then you can just stop starting plan and then of course it asks you to subscribe to the fastik app plastic plus personal health coach in the palm of your hand so then there are multiple subscription plans past five or 12 months for 153 per week or one month for 299 per week and here's what you're getting there are some like use cases real transformations let's just see uh okay so you still can continue on a free plan i think and there you have it so that's cool because some some apps just don't allow you you need to start a free trial and enter your like you know credit card use apple pay and stuff um so there you have it so now you have yours fastik program uh you can you can see your tools healthy habits then you can just ready to fast and there's a community and then there is your account here or you can explore everything and you can see your account details and in the bottom if you think you enter some mistake you can just tap to reset an account uh in the very bottom you can just delete your account if you think you don't want to give access to your data to this app you can also join the facebook group which can be pretty handy to to interact with other people um so yeah that's the idea that's how the app looks like and then are you ready to start fasting you can start your fasting window premature all that just and then you can just do that and you can see this you can see start you can see goal uh how are you feeling you can see your week's progress your tools water tracker set reminder to stay hydrated nutrition healthy habits academy so yep that's the idea here i hope this app is helpful and thank you for watching you

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