FITE - boxing & MMA app - full overview

okay so here is this app uh which is called uh fight or f-i-t-e i don't know how the right pronunciation is and it's in the top charts in us app store you can do sports streaming and then you can just to install just use your face id or touch id and then you can just watch entertainment and then stream to rock apple tv xbox and i think you can just watch like mma fights and all of that wrestling boxing uh i think that's the top apps for uh for all this mma and pro wrestling and boxing events so super nice and then you can just create an account here so let's try to do that just with apple id and there you have it that's the app super fast to create an account you can join uh fight plus uh there are different ways five plus 4.99 per month 49.99 per one year and then you'll be able to see all these events also you can just play it and just do replays for some free events here then there you can see the schedule for live events for my sports all of that when there is on demand section then you have new step like what's happening in the news and you have your account in top right you can see active subscription you can see you can see tv cast wizard and yeah so there you have it you can also reach out to help help chat if there are some issues so um yep that's the app you can connect your smart tv here easily as well tv cast wizard you can yeah stream it here so there you have it that's the app try it out if you have any other reviews or tips and tricks about this app just leave them in the comment section below would be super appreciated anyways thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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