Fonts Art Keyboard - how to use on iPhone?

here is fonz art app and if you tap on settings in top right here you have keyboard settings and then you can enable different uh languages fonts stick your fonts whatever you want additional languages and then what you need to do to enable the keyboard you just go to settings and then you just go to font art and then here you just go to keyboards and you enable fonts art keyboard if you want you can also allow full access and then you will help developers of this app to to build this keyboard and then if you just go to any app you can just enable a fonts art keyboard like this and this is how it looks like so then you can just use it in your instagram captions in your tik tok and there are different types of fonts but probably you will need to upgrade for majority of them especially if it is some cool font you will need to upgrade like that uh what's funds pro is 4.99 per week after three day trial after renewable cancel anytime so that's basically it um so that's what you can have here hope this is helpful

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