Foodvisor - nutrition & diet - app overview & how to create account?

here is interesting app which is called foodvisor nutrition and diet guide it's it's quite popular in the in the app store um so because it creates your personal nutrition guide and this app was editor's choice was app of the day on the app store you can create your custom program you can have your personal coach tailored courses snapshot analysis so yeah you can for example do a snapshot of your dish and then uh just reveals the content nutritional content of your dish just with the photo which is like pretty cool with this ai technology daily tracking easy recipes and maybe it's a nice idea you know instead of like manually typing in food sometimes you can just take a photo of your dish and then just add it manually so that's kind of nice app of the day in the us editor's choice by apple uh foodvisor is a wellness guide providing personalized nutrition for every motivation so yep you can just open it up and then you can just tap to start need to accept thermal conditions you need to apply so so there you have it and then uh uh yeah next okay so then you just have all these questions because it's important to set up your goals and have your motivation straight so yeah that's how it works uh what's your gender how old are you and then finally you can just create an account here is your apple id so that's how it works and then yeah this is just an app overview and then so here here you can just see all of that [Music] so yeah uh so there are a lot of questions uh advice on videos just generate your profile uh so yeah here maybe you can just see these questions to have an idea and yeah so then it just creates my custom program but let's see if you can access it without becoming a paid subscriber because usually to these apps are gathering data questions asking you all of these questions but then in the end you need to instantly upgrade and there is no free trial so yeah basically that's the idea anywhere i'm just creating now so as i said it instantly offers six months subscription for 19.99 per month or three months yeah 89.99 quarterly there is also a 14-day free trial and there is uh there is no option so that's basically how it works and you can't access it without starting a free trial so it means you have 14 day free trial and then 39.99 per month so that's about it hope it is helpful

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