GameChanger app - overview & how to use

so to install game changer app you just need to type get in the app store this app is in the top charts in the sports category for yeah for apps uh for the sports apps okay let's just try again as you can see there are 175k ratings 4.9 out of 5 average rating and it says this is the one app every sports team needs free live video streaming with integrated scoreboard advanced score keeping live game and season stats and team management stream score connect free live video streaming score keeping free team management live radio and game animation and this app is available for following sports for baseball softball soccer basketball lacrosse football volleyball field hockey ice hockey water polo rugby swimming diamond track and field wrestling crew and rolling bowling and all of that there is also video archive live video plays announcers third party camera compatibility live game streams web portal pitch account tracking rooster management all of that is there so so there are a bunch of reviews the average writing is like actually super high uh and some people said the app has gotten better over the last year but still likes behinders they have been around and few ones that are coming out uh some other options would be interesting uh you can always switch out some at to contact support and stuff like that but anyways while i'm just waiting once this app downloads so here is the app and then you can see some videos multi-sport live video streaming advanced scorekeeping for baseball softball basketball basic score keeping for other sports game stream team messaging and communication um so yeah that's that's the app um basically i think it's a one of the best apps actually for you know like if you like playing sports and you in the team so that's that's one of the apps you should try out and then let's just choose a password and there you have it now you just created an account so that's basically how it works now you can create your own team like you can just create your own team here like volleyball team uh and then just select the league and all of that import classic teams for sports there connector events like your team events there are messages so that's good that there is messaging then there is your account you can set up all the settings you can link account um so yeah that's pretty cool then there is some unlock the fan experience first time subscribers will start with a seven day free trial i don't know what that means but yeah here are some of the features you can get starting from 499 to 999 you can always reach out to support here you can always just email them yeah so that's the app so if you are like if you like playing some sports with teams is you know spending some time like playing in a like local basketball team or something this can be cool app just to organize this lifestyle just to like keep scores of your place uh analyze your planes uh like you know even stream them and yeah just make your hobby much more advanced and much more detailed and better way of spending time so that's just the app definitely give it a try

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