Gametime app - Last Minute tickets - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

so here's game time app last minute tickets app um yeah it's it's one of the best apps in in the this category um so let's just install it um 73 megabyte size so it's not a big app so this is one of the apps to get you know like book different activities favorite events um [Music] so now including game team time ticket coverage the most comprehensive service and protection policy in ticketing included free result purchases game time is a top up for deals on last minute tickets to sports concerts and theater so you can score great deals um easy to get buying big savings so that what this app is promising a lot of these apps from stuff like that but you can see 140 k ratings uh and pretty high rating as well so yeah especially like you know now everyone want wants to get back to like all the events and uh visit some cool concerts and all of that so this is kind of like a cool app to to do that so you can see all the activities you can filter by location you can use current location or you can you know just see available i think yeah um it's on the us and canada here in this version maybe if you download yeah it depends maybe if you download from your app store maybe it's also uk which is available here but yeah you can see all the categories like sports music shows so yeah you can just go like you know visit chris rock show madison square garden and then you can see some prices like here and then they're sorted by price uh you can also check out map uh so like very intuitive kind of design of the app user interface so you can i can easily figure out stuff [Music] so then you can search by sports music uh so different types of events so you can just discard all the stuff here then there are tickets you need to create an account you can also sell on this app so that's a cool solution so it's kind of like a marketplace where you can also sell then there is your profile you can create your account and share your invite code with friends and earn five dollars in credit the first time they buy tickets you can go to account you can also create an account here so that's basically it um you can always uh yeah chat with their support call us email us and that's basically that so i think pretty cool app very easy to use very easy to understand i think one of the best apps in u.s or canada to actually get tickets to this kind of events if you have any experience using this app just leave some comments below interesting to know your opinion

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