GAS app - can you report someone? If you are being impersonated

here is guys app so what to do if someone is impersonating you how do you report them it is possible to report users just tap in the user's profile tabs three dots in the left corner select report user and then provide as much information as you can in the input box and yeah so then that should help help you out uh and yeah when you return reaching out to their support you need to provide photo of your ID and the phone number you used to sign up you will review your report and follow us as soon as possible can take up to seven days this process so yeah it's important feature because you know this is like anonymous app and people are working for your classmates and if you finally discover that someone voted for you and you know that this person voted for you ideally you want to be 100 sure that this is exactly the person and not just someone who use like a fake account and you know and you upgrade it to God mode to discover that this was that person and that it's not that person so all that kind of stuff so just yeah that's what it is I hope it can be helpful uh yeah if you didn't know this feature exists

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