GAS app - find your crush - how to install on iPhone & create account?

hey so here is interesting app which is called gas find your crush see who likes you um it's going viral pretty fast however as I understand it's pretty limited it's not available worldwide or around all the states in the United States yeah it's another way of like NGL app not gonna lie app or send it so it's like Anonymous pause uh uh and yeah it's kind of one of this trivia Anonymous games gas is where friends tell you what they love about you and now they want done on you like other anonymous apps join your school at friends answer pause get Flames when peaked uh start gassing up on your friends so uh yeah there you have it so as you can see it's number one in social networking right now and to install it yeah just install it however I will just try to show in this video if it's available or not um the app is not that big it's just 68 megabytes so no worries then you just need to enter your Edge and then uh yeah you just then you just need to connect your school to find your friends so yeah location is only used to find nearby schools so after you do that it should be available but again it's only available in selected States it's it's coming rolling out super fast across all the schools but not everywhere yet

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