GO2Bank - mobile banking - app overview

here is go to bank mobile banking app so you can just tap get uh to install it and then yeah you can just use touch id to install it and there are 27 000 ratings 4.7 uh average rating and then you can see the size of it 97.7 megabytes and this is a ultimate mobile bank account app no monthly fees no hidden fees you can earn up to seven percent cashback free nationwide atm network get your pay up up to two days early build your credit over time or draft protection after two hundred dollars so yeah that's the app that's the mobile app it's super easy to use this kind of apps on your phone because yeah it's much easier much more convenient they're just going to be a browser to the website go to bank is the ultimate mobile banking app and debit card packed with features to help you better manage your money and build your credit no monthly fees with eligible direct deposit otherwise five dollars per month free nationwide atm network or draft protection up to two hundred dollars get your pay up to two days early with direct deposit earn over 10x on national savings rate average um yeah so that's the app so let's just open it up i don't have an account in this bank but just to show you around so yeah you can if you already have a card you can just activate your card actually so that's what you can do from here or you can open an account here so then you just uh yeah or if you have a card uh you can already activate it now so if you have an email address you can just give it here and you can just provide the email address you want to use to set up and log into your account and i guess you can create an account here from this app

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