hey everyone so here's the interesting app just has our 1.6 million ratings it's uh climbing in the charts right now because I was recently a major update to GroupMe app and the design is much cleaner now um so this app is owned by Microsoft's uh by Skype actually which is under a Microsoft and it's like a group communication app so it's like a group messenger um yeah it's kind of like a you know alternative to messenger or Viber with specifically focus on like creating groups uh I wouldn't say it's exactly feels like Facebook group but it's basically like a group chat I would say uh share important moments with the yeah same on the boards um and then it's available also on the web on Android and iOS so let's just open it up you can easily create an account and this is how it looks like the design is is very it's very simple very intuitive so it's it's uh yeah nice and hard here then you you just have chats here so you can just see some images popping up here you can swipe you can then mute you can pin your chat by the way so to add friends you can just search contacts let's if you're I okay I don't think you can actually search from you know from all around the world you just need to invite friends you can just invite people from your contacts for example you can also scan the QR code to invite people um so yeah and for example here is my QR code which you can scan uh or I can just tap share and that's basically how you invite people to to this app so that's what you can do uh uh yeah so that's the idea um and then yeah you just have all this all these chats uh uh and that's basically your groups uh which you can create then so then in Discover Mode you can just enable your location and then you will be able to see which chats are available here in in the area where you are uh so then yeah you can just tap start a group and then proceed here and then you just create your own group chat and then you just add your friends and your contacts you can also just find GroupMe users from uh from the area where your location is attached and then just invite other groups to this new group so that's basically how you create a new group a new chat and then for example you just have your group and this is where like this apps becomes pretty Advanced like in this managing these group chats together so there are a lot of functionalities there are a lot of features which you can explore here so first you can just see the members you can then easily add members you can filter out like all former members members who have band members and all of that a dancer is like a gallery specifically all the images shared to that group calendar with all events which you can organize all the polls and then you can just create a new poll in the group uh pretty convenient and there are like highlights settings where you can just edit group edit profile clone group uh yeah just enable sharing you can see all the requests customize group and then yeah when you're creating your group you can just choose the theme which you have here then you can just yeah yeah just there are a bunch of teams like dedicated to different categories like study work friends and family community Sports celebration so all of that just can be used and it's pretty yeah it's pretty easy to do and just improves the design of your group then there are a lot of like visibility settings you can see who can join approved members um if you want to have a bit more kind of Primo duration you can add like a join question here in the in the group like before people are joining uh which questions should they answer like if you join some Facebook groups some sometimes you just have a lot of these you know questions and then admin needs to approve it so it's kind of similar in this app and then visible you can create hidden group or visible to everyone you can also just add location uh like where your group is located and then people will be able to discover your group like in the area where they are located then yeah you can just change owner like for example in future if you want to delete your GroupMe account and you're the owner of the group to delete your account you will first need to transfer all your groups to someone else that's like easy to change your owner and then you can just ungroup just basically just delete in all the chats here so yeah it's pretty pretty Advanced uh just for managing all these chats and it's super easy it's like super powerful app like you know you know I guess it's it's even easier than managing like group chat in uh messenger for example I don't know if it's better than WhatsApp for the group chat but it's definitely one of the Alternatives so if you don't like uh you know you have like some group chat somewhere like you can use WhatsApp you can use Viber for that um what else of course of course you can use slack or Discord but if you want some like quick mobile app like also give a try to Group Me Maybe it's not that popular in like you know in some countries but in other countries it's pretty high in the charts and it's pretty uh interesting app so yeah also here if you tap in Three Dots and top right then you can just clear chat history so it's also pretty useful feature where you can just uh yeah clear the chat history uh either for personal chat or for the group chat um and yeah so that's basically what you can do here then there are a lot of these messages you can reply via threat if you want you can just attach some photos you can take picture you can search through the chat you can search messages um you can do a quick preview like that so yeah then you can just change group name uh change should like add description change Avatar change uh like group me Emoji like you can just add it those so a lot of customization in this app is pretty cool um then there's this cover you can just see the groups near you the group chats and then there is just your account if you tap on edit pencil icon you can create all of these verification settings if you want uh you can connect also your campus like your school so here in the group me chat you can join your school community so this app is pretty popular with the you know the school I was school phys colleges in us um like you know and people are just like yeah students or parents just like uh find this app so that's why it's pretty popular and then yeah you can also just tap delete GroupMe account in the bottom uh just to completely delete your account so it's pretty easy but again if you own some groups you will need to transfer the ownership first to delete your account then there are all these additional settings um which you can see here just message delivery you can check out all of these options and then yeah so that's basically the idea uh of the app uh pretty cool um and yeah it's super easy to use but I I was just like hey here's a quick tutorial for you to help you out if you enjoyed this video please put a like uh so yeah more people can discard this video and thank you for watching

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