GroupMe app quick overview

here's a quick overview of GroupMe chat so just open the app and yeah here you kill you will see what it looks like so yeah it's basically like a group chat app where you can see a collection of group chats um yeah it's kind of similar to what you would have like in WhatsApp or messenger but it's just one of Alternatives and it's quite popular and you ask for campuses for like School communities if you're a student and yeah a lot of colleges or like schools are you can use this app just to stay in in touch so here you just have your group you can add different people you can easily create this group there is you can all do it for free um you can see all the members you can invite people here just by sharing your link or QR code and then yeah this app is pretty Advanced for managing these group chats you can see Gallery you can see calendar is all upcoming events to this group you can create calls and you can see polls here then there are highlights which are pinned pause here which are popular which post I liked then there are settings like edit group so yeah all of like additional cool settings things then you can just customize group you can choose theme study work so just to make your app look better and answer like privacy settings who can join uh permission so you're just managing all of that and then if you are not happy with the group you can always just tap and group and this way you will just delete all the chat history and all the group uh so that's what you can do and then yeah also in the group itself you can just have clear chat history and tap and group uh so yeah that's what you can do um then there is Discover Mode um yeah you can just find the groups near you so if you're studying in one school and you're enabled location in this app you can see similar groups near you here also you can just start a new group and invite your friends it's also to invite your friends you can just tap and type right you search your contacts or you can just share your QR code or you can just tap share in the bottom and then just invite them like that uh so yeah that there is just your profile if you tap on edit pencil icon in the bottom you can delete your account if you're don't like the app and you just want to remove all your data and all your chats now it might be not yeah your chat's not sure if that will be deleted if you delete your account but yeah at least your profile will be deleted here you can just connect your campus so if you're in a school community just join that and then you will see all of the schools popping up and then just all the groups popping up in that area so that's basically the idea of the app uh it's super handy and yeah so that's how you can try to use it hope this quick tutorial was helpful for you uh make sure to like this video also you can subscribe or join my YouTube channel become a member and support my YouTube Journey

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