Hallo app - full overview

okay so here's hello app it's it is developed by two former whatsapp employees and it's just a simple social app uh for sharing everyday moments and it's super private and kind of intimate space for your friends and family it's only 21 megabytes i haven't used it yet but let's just explore how it looks like it was featured in techcrunch so super interesting to see what this all is about tap open and then you can just enter your name then you need to enter the code you need to give access to your contact i can give access to notifications and this is the app so these are your posts these are your chats you can invite friends and family you can create groups you can add someone and then you can write a post here so that's that you can add an image and you can invite friends so that's that super clean experience kind of reminding a bit of what's up um but yeah that's the idea you can go also to privacy you can see who is blocked you can see who you want to share your contacts or your post fees you can easily delete your account you can see groups you can create a new group sorry i can't tap next so yeah um that's the idea uh you can add some pictures of photos so let's just i don't know add for on off my laptop um and then you can manage privacyof that boss you can invite someone to hell up and then you can see who seen that so yeah that's the app kind of super simple experience but uh it's really kind of if you value privacy and intimacy and you just want to have one social app just to share with your close friends and family and just to avoid like facebook and whatsapp and not give your data to facebook this can be one of the alternatives sodefinitely try it out so that's that um about you can oh yeah you can also write all the questions to support at haloapp.com and again they are writing here brought social apps back to basics while adding a layer of security and privacy hello app will never use your personal information or show your ads instead we plan to eventually offer additional features at a small cost thank you for using the sharing hello app with friends and family we've been improving it every week so there you have it

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